New Release: Escape from Despair

I know it’s been awhile, but it’s here at last! I’m so happy to announce the new Janelle Wesson and Simon Sloan’s story.


As you may know (or maybe not), there are five books planned for this series (three more to go), and then I’ll return to Miranda and Parker #20.


Well, the Wesson and Sloan books take place during the same time frame as Miranda and Parker #16 through #19, aligning again in book #20.

While Miranda and Parker are hunting for Santana, Wesson and Sloan are tracking down his empire, trying to find out who runs it now and who gave the order to kill Simon’s boss and frame him for the murder. All while running from the man sent to kill them.

You know I hate spoilers, so I can’t tell you much more than that.

Except that I’m working on book #3 now.

Here’s a link to the new series in case you missed the first book. I hope you enjoy these exciting stories!

Wesson and Sloan FBI Thriller #3

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“Absolutely brilliant. Couldn’t put it down.” H. Fulton

What is Connell International?

FBI agent Simon Sloan is wanted for killing his boss in Washington DC. Janelle Wesson is wanted for shooting an agent in Buenos Aires.

But Simon didn’t kill his boss. And Janelle was saving Simon’s life.

Now they’ve come to Dublin, Ireland where they are close to finding the answers that will prove Simon innocent and unravel the tangled web of an international crime organization. The first task—find Connell International.

Except they aren’t as close as they think.

Instead, they become entangled in a bizarre murder investigation they can’t escape from.

And once again their lives are at stake.

Can they escape before someone kills them?

Or will this be the time they fail?

Amazon | FREE on Amazon Kindle Unlimited