Sweet Romance

Lance: The McDaniel Family (A Heart Valley Romance) #3

Four years ago they fell hopelessly in love—until she walked away.

Danica Marshall is a realist. And reality dictates she has to leave town.

Her two best friends are marrying into the McDaniel family and that can only mean trouble for her and her little boy. Not to mention a broken heart all over again.

Lance McDaniel was bewildered when the love of his life left Heart Valley four years ago. But now she’s back in town and has a child with her. A child that, doing the math, is most likely his. She never told him he had a son. How could she keep that from him?

The love they once had for each other might have turned to hate, but that won’t stop him from seeing his little boy.

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"Great series"

Cole: The McDaniel Family (A Heart Valley Romance) #2

Four years ago she lost her childhood sweetheart for the second time.

Jamie West has returned home to Heart Valley and opened her own investigating business so she can help her mother who’s been stricken with a debilitating disease. Though she grew up in Heart Valley, the picturesque little tourist town at the foot of the Teton Mountains is the last place Jamie wants to be. There are too many memories of Cole McDaniel here, the boy who was her first and only love, the boy who left home at eighteen and broke her heart, the boy who by age twenty-three was dead.

But when a single mom asks Jamie to find her missing daughter, she becomes drawn into a case that not only dredges up old, painful memories she’d rather forget, but is about to give her the shock of her life and bring someone new into it.

Can love conquer even death? Jamie is about to find out.

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"Great book! I love this author"

Evan: The McDaniel Family (A Heart Valley Romance) #1

She can’t survive another broken heart.

The last thing Amanda Wynd wants is to come back home to Heart Valley where her heart was torn to shreds by Evan McDaniel four years ago. But her best friend Jamie needs her sales skills to help start her business, so here she is. But she’s going back to her life in New York as soon as Jamie is on her feet. Hopefully before she has to lay eyes on the handsome rancher.

Evan McDaniel, heir to the McDaniel Resort Ranch, has thought of Mandy every day since she left four years ago, even though he knows it could never work between them. He’s been avoiding going into town ever since he heard she’s back. But when his crew finds evidence of foul play on the ranch that could ruin its reputation and destroy the business his father entrusted to him, he realizes he needs the woman he’s been longing for more than ever.

And maybe for more than just business.

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"Loved the book."

Spicier Romance

The Crown Prince's Heart (A Prasala Romance) #1


They might share a love for horses but they're worlds apart.

To escape the pain of a humiliating breakup with her wealthy fiancé in Kentucky, Dr. Katyln Matthews travels to the faraway country of Prasala to replace the royal family's horse doctor. The famous Prasala Invitational is in three weeks and the demanding Crown Prince insists everything be perfect.

Katy heard the heir to the throne could be an ogre when it came to his horses. And that he had a very un-ogrely appearance. All the titled ladies in Europe flock after him because of his dazzling good looks.

But Katy's broken heart can't handle another rich spoiled playboy.

Crown Prince Julio de Chambonay doesn't know what to make of his new veterinarian. She's a woman. She was hired without his approval. He has a good mind to send her packing.

But her eyes are bold, full of strength, and as blue-green as the seas of Darthalia. Unlike the ladies he's known at court she has a natural loveliness that radiates from the inside. It arrests his attention.

Unfortunately the ladies at court and his country demand that attention first.

Still, the position of royal veterinarian is his decision. And if this woman does not pass his test, she'll soon be on her way back home.

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"Very enjoyable."

The King's Love Song (A Prasala Romance) #2


"What I see inside you is far more intriguing than anything in my world."


Darcy Matthews doesn't believe in love.

But she's thrilled to travel to Prasala for her sister's royal wedding. What big sister doesn't know is the day after the ceremony Darcy plans to head to LA to start the singing career she's dreamed of all her life.

Katy doesn't want her to go but Darcy's mind is made up.

Except for the dark, knife-like stare of the seductively handsome King. The look that sends shivers down her spine. That might make her put her plans on hold for a while. Maybe.

Six months ago Leopold de Chambonay was crowned King of Prasala by a quirk of fate. Now he must prove that act was not a mistake. He longs to be a great King like his father. But the graceful carefree creature who is now his sister-in-law has cast some sort of spell over him. He finds himself drawn to her, longing to forget his duty and take her in his arms.

This cannot be. He must rid himself of her before he does something that might threaten the kingdom.

Why should Darcy care what the enigmatic King thinks of her? This crazy yearning in her heart for him doesn't mean anything. Besides, she would never pine over a man. After all, love is just a game.

Isn't it? 

"Really romantic and great to read."

The Count's Baby (A Prasala Romance) #3

When Megan Russell’s life is shattered after her politician husband leaves her for another woman, she flees to Prasala for solace where her best friend, Katy, is now a princess.

Megan hopes to get a new start here and put the pieces of her life back together. She can’t go on as an emotional basket case because of what her husband did to her. She has to move on. She needs to find a meaningful career.

Especially now.

But the handsome Count with the wicked smile is making her mind go in other directions.

Count Philippe de BelleBourge enjoys his reputation as Europe’s most notorious playboy. He longs to get back to that life. But he has been saddled with handling his late father’s estate.

And now the intriguing divorcee from Kentucky has caught his attention. If only he could get her into his bed, she would realize what pleasures he could show her.

Megan senses danger around this man—that only makes him more interesting. But she can’t risk another betrayal. Can she hold her own against the Count’s wiles?

Or will she lose her heart to a man she can never have?

"Enjoyed the sweet conflict."
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