Escape from Danger

Wesson and Sloan FBI Thriller #1

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“Loved it so much.” Amazon reviewer

It doesn’t matter if you’re innocent…when the guilty come to kill you.

Not long ago Special FBI Agent Simon Sloan found his boss dead in his Washington DC office. He left a letter warning Sloan with one word—Run!

And so Sloan did. But he took someone with him.

Now he regrets that decision.

PI Janelle Wesson can’t believe she left her job at the Parker Agency for this. She thought she was in love with the secretive FBI Agent. Now she’s racing across South America with him with an unknown enemy at their heels—ready to destroy them as soon as they’re in his sights.

Will they survive in time to find out who killed Cooley and prove Simon’s innocence?

Or will they disappear for good?

Amazon | FREE on Amazon Kindle Unlimited

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