Thin Ice

A Miranda’s Rights Mystery #5

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A woman’s right to respect.
A woman’s right to be strong.
A woman’s right to her child.

Thirteen years ago, Miranda Steele’s abusive husband stole her baby and gave it up for adoption, then kicked Miranda out of his house.

So she remade herself. Thirteen years later, the smart-talking, hot pepper-eating loner came to Atlanta hoping to find her daughter.

Instead she met Wade Parker, a successful PI and the most eligible forty-four-year-old bachelor in town, and joined his investigative agency.

Since then she’s solved several murder cases and faced her past–for the most part. But nightmares still haunt her and now that she’s closer than ever to finding her daughter, she wonders if she can handle the truth.

One determined woman.
One irresistible man.
One talented girl.
And one psychotic killer.

Can they stop him before he kills again?

Find out in the fifth and final book of the Miranda’s Rights mystery series, Thin Ice.

And for more thrillers you can’t put down, follow Miranda’s continuing adventures in the Miranda and Parker Mysteries.

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Bestselling author of chilling mystery-thrillers that will keep you up at night