Fire Dancer

A Miranda’s Rights Mystery #4

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What makes you think you deserve to be so happy?

A honeymoon in Maui in a luxury beachfront resort with your wealthy new husband. Sounds like paradise, right? But this is Miranda Steele we’re talking about here. And where Miranda goes, trouble follows.

That lovely honeymoon gets hijacked when Miranda finds the body of a popular fire dancer on the beach. Of course, she has to investigate. What choice does she have? But things get more complicated when she discovers Parker has been keeping some pretty serious secrets from her.

Could those secrets lead to finding Miranda’s daughter at last? Or will this Hawaiian honeymoon adventure end in Miranda’s ultimate destruction?

Fire Dancer is the fourth book in the Miranda’s Rights Mystery series, the emotional story of a stubborn loner who discovers a talent for facing down killers while looking for her stolen daughter. Buy this intriguing thriller for a story readers say they can’t put down.

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