Zero Dark Chocolate

A Miranda and Parker Mystery #5

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Paris. City of Lights. City of Love. City of Death.

Private investigator Miranda Steele’s best friend Joan Fanuzzi is having the time of her life in Paris. Gourmet dining. Fine wines. Exquisite French pastries. Especially the dark chocolate delicacies she’s learning to bake from the best chef in the city.

But when the love of her life goes missing, her dream trip turns into a nightmare. The only people she can turn to for help are Parker and Miranda.

As fast as they can Miranda and Parker hop a plane to France. But the hunt to find their friend and colleague turns out to be hopeless. Soon they find themselves embroiled in an international incident that could mean the end of all of them.

And now Miranda’s wondering if Parker knows about the threatening messages she’s been getting on her phone.

Zero Dark Chocolate is the fifth book in the Miranda and Parker Mystery series, a continuation of the popular Miranda Steele stories from bestselling author Linsey Lanier (the Miranda’s Rights Mystery series). Buy this exciting, fast-paced thriller for a story readers say they can’t put down.

Fulfilling your destiny…one killer at a time.

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