Heart Wounds

A Miranda and Parker Mystery #2

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For a relic worth over five million pounds—someone’s going to die.

In the London Museum of Antiquity someone steals a priceless, newly acquired Egyptian relic—the dagger Marc Antony used to kill himself over Cleopatra.

Heart-broken and beside himself with worry, the museum director does the only thing he can think of—call in Wade Parker. And his new bride and partner, Miranda Steele.

When she gets to London, Miranda realizes someone could murder for a museum piece valued at over five million pounds, and she’s determined to stop the killer. But when the thief strikes too close to home, it sets Parker’s nerves on edge. Miranda could be his next victim.

This time Parker doesn’t hesitate to show his fear. And Miranda doesn’t hesitate to flare up.

But the killer is closing in. Can the detectives work out their problems before someone dies?

Heart Wounds is the second book in the Miranda and Parker Mystery series, and continues the popular Miranda Steele stories from bestselling author Linsey Lanier (the Miranda’s Rights Mystery series). If you like J.D. Robb and Patterson, you’ll want to come along on Miranda’s new adventures.

Buy this book for a story readers say they can’t put down.

Fulfilling your destiny…one killer at a time.

Amazon | FREE with Kindle UnlimitedTrade Paperback

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