All Eyes on Me

A Miranda and Parker Mystery #1

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Nobody deserves to die that way.

In the Las Vegas desert a once famous pop singer lies dead, the only clue to her murder a bizarre disfigurement.

To avoid the hassle of a media frenzy, the local police sergeant decides to call in his old mentor Wade Parker to consult on the case.

After nearly dying eight months ago, Miranda Steele can’t wait to get back to real detective work. If she can’t solve this case, not only will she fail her destiny, another psycho killer might get away with murder. But Parker harbors secret reservations about their new venture together.

Especially when he suspects there might be more to this murder than meets the…eye.

All Eyes on Me is the first book in the Miranda and Parker Mystery series, and continues the popular Miranda Steele stories from bestselling author Linsey Lanier (the Miranda’s Rights Mystery series). If you like J.D. Robb and Patterson, you’ll want to come along on Miranda’s new adventures.

Get this book for a story readers say they can’t put down.

Fulfilling your destiny…one killer at a time.

Amazon | Barnes & Noble | iTunes | Kobo | Trade Paperback

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