Lance:The McDaniel Family

A Heart Valley Romance #3

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Four years ago they fell hopelessly in love—until she walked away.

Danica Marshall is a realist. And reality dictates she has to leave town.

Her two best friends are marrying into the McDaniel family and that can only mean trouble for her and her little boy. Not to mention a broken heart all over again.

Lance McDaniel was bewildered when the love of his life left Heart Valley four years ago. But now she’s back in town and has a child with her. A child that, doing the math, is most likely his. She never told him he had a son. How could she keep that from him? The love they once had for each other might have turned to hate, but that won’t stop him from seeing his little boy.

From bestselling author Linsey Lanier, Lance is the third book in the Heart Valley Romance series, a sweet romance series set in Heart Valley, Wyoming. The first five books in this series will feature the McDaniel family, owners of the McDaniel Resort Ranch, whose ancestors founded the town of Heart Valley near the Grand Teton Mountains back in pioneer days.

Amazon | FREE on Kindle Unlimited

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