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Wesson and Sloan FBI Thriller #5

“A nail biter until the very end!”

In the middle of the night, disavowed FBI agent Simon Sloan got a voicemail in a harsh mechanical voice.

I know who killed Cooley.

And so Sloan went to Washington.


But when he got there, he didn’t find the answers he was looking for. Instead, he got something he never expected.

Heartbroken after Simon left her in Napa Valley, Janelle Wesson has started dating again, trying to be the person she once was.

But when she learns Simon is in trouble, she drops everything and rushes to Washington on her own.

Can she save Simon and discover the truth in time?

Or will the hunt for Cooley’s real killer end in a national disaster?


Wesson and Sloan FBI Thriller #3

Amazon |

“Absolutely brilliant. Couldn’t put it down.” H. Fulton

What is Connell International?

FBI agent Simon Sloan is wanted for killing his boss in Washington DC. Janelle Wesson is wanted for shooting an agent in Buenos Aires.

But Simon didn’t kill his boss. And Janelle was saving Simon’s life.

Now they’ve come to Dublin, Ireland where they are close to finding the answers that will prove Simon innocent and unravel the tangled web of an international crime organization. The first task—find Connell International.

Except they aren’t as close as they think.

Instead, they become entangled in a bizarre murder investigation they can’t escape from.

And once again their lives are at stake.

Can they escape before someone kills them?

Or will this be the time they fail?

Amazon |


Wesson and Sloan FBI Thriller #2

Amazon |

“Riveting.” Amazon reviewer

Who is Kazan?

When they left Buenos Aires, Simon Sloan and Janelle Wesson
were running for their lives.

Now in Athens, Greece, they’re hunting for a man named Kazan.

A man who could be the new leader of Group 141, Donavan Santana’s criminal empire. The man who gave the order to kill Simon’s boss at the FBI and pin the murder on him.

But in Athens, nothing is as it seems, and soon the pair are embroiled in a fight against a deadly drug trafficking operation.

Can they win this battle before the man sent to kill them succeeds
in his mission?

Amazon |


A Miranda and Parker Mystery #19

Amazon | 

One serial killer or two?

Miranda and Parker are finally getting ready to retire for real this time.

Until the brutalized body of a young law school student is found in a park in Midtown, Atlanta.

A body that reminds Miranda of the recent murders in Chicago.

And of the sadistic killer who still haunts her dreams.

She has to stop him before he kills again. Once again, retirement will have to go on hold.

But as she and Parker and the team dig deeper into the case, Miranda discovers chilling clues that tell her these murders are just foreplay.

The killer is really after her.

Amazon | 

Trade paperback


Amazon | Paperback

“Absolutely riveting” Amazon reviewer

It’s been almost two weeks, and Holloway still isn’t back from his ex-wife’s book tour. To top it off, Miranda is being hounded by her crusty Aunt Lu in Minnesota about her mother’s death. The last thing Miranda wants is to delve into her past again.

Worst of all, Parker has gone on a case without her. Now she’s royally PO’ed.

So PO’ed, she travels to Chicago on her own to prove her mother’s death was an accident and get her aunt off her back.

But was it an accident?

And is the killer now coming after Miranda?

Get it now.

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Amazon |

“Another great read.” Amazon reviewer

Okay. Their last case was an unintended surprise, but now it’s time for Miranda and Parker to relax and get back to retirement.

Except Curt Holloway, Miranda’s old buddy and teammate, has other plans. When he decided to leave the Investigative Agency, Parker put Holloway in his place as acting CEO.

Now Holloway wants out.

Well, just for a week.

Or so he says.

His ex-wife needs him, he says. He has to go, he says. Looks like he might walk for good if Miranda and Parker don’t say yes. And so they do. It’s not so bad. Everything is hunky dory for a while.

Until attorney Antonio Estavez shows up and tells them a convicted felon he once defended in court has escaped from prison.

And he’s coming to kill him.

They have to find this dangerous fugitive before it’s too late.

So much for retiring.

Amazon |

Trade paperback


Amazon |

“Loved it so much.” Amazon reviewer

It doesn’t matter if you’re innocent…when the guilty come to kill you.

Not long ago Special FBI Agent Simon Sloan found his boss dead in his Washington DC office. He left a letter warning Sloan with one word—Run!

And so Sloan did. But he took someone with him.

Now he regrets that decision.

PI Janelle Wesson can’t believe she left her job at the Parker Agency for this. She thought she was in love with the secretive FBI Agent. Now she’s racing across South America with him with an unknown enemy at their heels—ready to destroy them as soon as they’re in his sights.

Will they survive in time to find out who killed Cooley and prove Simon’s innocence?

Or will they disappear for good?

Amazon |


Maggie Delaney Police Thriller #2

Amazon |

Keeps you in suspense until the very end .” Amazon reviewer

Is he a good cop? Or a vicious serial killer?

Lieutenant Maggie Delaney, head of Chicago’s elite GUTS unit can never seem to have a quiet evening at home.

Tonight she’s been sent out to investigate a tragic domestic homicide. But it’s much worse than that.

And when she realizes who the likely killer is, she can’t believe what the evidence is telling her. Maybe she shouldn’t.
She knows this man. Or thought she did.

Now she has to prove him innocent of crimes he didn’t commit.

But is he innocent or a sadistic serial killer?

And will she be the next victim?

Amazon |

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Someone Else’s Daughter – #1

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Delicious Torment – #2

“This series keeps you on your toes from the first page until the end.”

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Forever Mine – #3

Dead bodies are popping up again.

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Fire Dancer – #4

“Exciting, thrilling, story that grabs you and pulls you in.”

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Thin Ice – #5

Can they stop him before he kills again?

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Coming soon to audiobook!

The story continues! All Eyes on Me – #1

Book #1 in the Miranda and Parker Mystery series (the Sequel)

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The Las Vegas desert.

A once famous pop singer lies dead.

The only clue to her murder—a bizarre disfigurement.

Only one thing to do.

Call in Steele and Parker.

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A Miranda and Parker Mystery #2

AmazonTrade Paperback

For a relic worth over five million pounds—someone’s going to die.

In the London Museum of Antiquity someone steals a priceless, Egyptian relic—the dagger Marc Antony used to kill himself over Cleopatra.

Miranda and Parker have to find it before someone dies.

You’ll want to read this exciting mystery, because it’s a story readers say they can’t put down.

Get it now!

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A Miranda and Parker Mystery #3

AmazonTrade paperback

Who would kill a circus clown? And why?

When private investigator Miranda Steele gets a call from an old “friend” in Dallas, Texas and decides to take his case, her boss and husband Wade Parker is none too pleased. Especially when she insists he stay home due to his recent injuries.

No way, Jose.

But the murder of a circus clown is about to lead her to something more disturbing and bizarre than even Parker could have predicted.

You’ll want to read this exciting mystery, because you won’t be able to put it down.

Get it now!

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A Miranda and Parker Mystery #4

Amazon | Trade Paperback

High in the mountains of southeastern Brazil a killer lurks.

An old friend calls.

She’s getting death threats.

Once again PI Miranda Steele feels the call of her destiny.

But if she and Parker can’t figure out who is sending those letters soon, they both might end up dead.

You’ll want to read this fast-paced thriller, because it’s a chilling adventure.

Get it now!

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A woman can never make herself too tough, too strong, or too street smart.

In a ritzy subdivision outside Atlanta, a serial killer targets thirteen-year-old girls in a bizarre ritual, and smart-talking, pepper-eating Miranda Steele gets fingered for the murder.

Thirteen years ago, her abusive husband stole her baby and gave it up for adoption. Now Miranda gets her hands on a letter written by a girl in an Atlanta mansion—who claims she’s adopted. Is the author of that letter her long lost child?

Or is she someone else’s daughter?

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