The Miranda and Parker Mysteries

A woman determined to fight for justice. A man determined to keep her alive.

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All Eyes on Me (#1)

No one deserves to die that way.

In the Las Vegas desert a once famous pop singer lies dead, the only clue to her murder a bizarre disfigurement. Miranda and Parker are called in to investigate.

But Parker suspects there might be more to this murder than meets the…eye.

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Heart Wounds (#2)

When a priceless Egyptian relic goes missing, the museum director calls in private investigator Wade Parker and his new bride and partner, Miranda Steele.

But for a stolen relic worth over five million pounds—someone’s going to die.

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Clowns and Cowboys (#3)

When Southeastern sophisticated meets Southwestern country, tempers blaze hotter than Texas chili sauce.

But the murder of a circus clown leads PI Miranda Steele to something more disturbing and bizarre than even Parker could have predicted.

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The Watcher (#4)

High in the mountains of southeastern Brazil a stalker lurks. If Miranda can’t figure out who is leaving their client death threats soon, she and Parker might end up dead.

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Zero Dark Chocolate (#5)

The hunt to find their friend and colleague embroils Miranda and Parker in an international incident that could mean the end of all of them.

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Trial by Fire (#6)

Something evil lurks in the shadows, watching and waiting, lusting for murder. When a cold case starts to dig up painful memories, Miranda fears Parker’s secrets could send them both up in flames.
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Smoke Screen (#7)

Striking out on her own after a gut wrenching fight with Parker, Miranda Steele is ready to prove she’s an investigator in her own right. Little does she know she’s about to face the most terrifying killer of her life.

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The Boy (#8)

Miranda and Parker are thrown into the investigation of a grisly murder, a tussle with a GBI agent, a secret branch of the FBI, and a frightening kidnapping.

If Miranda can’t pull things together soon, this time more than one person might end up dead.

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Snakebit (#9)

Miranda’s life goes on hold when Parker asks her to take on a case that has baffled him for over ten years. A case where the key player is one of the deadliest snakes in the world. Literally.

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